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Your one-stop solution for lab automation software specifically designed for medical testing labs. Our cutting-edge software is designed to accelerate lab testing processes, track orders more efficiently, and deliver test results to mobile phones the next day.


Important Features of FastLab Software

Our Cutting Edge Software is packed with many features which can help you to manage lab tests better and enables effective communication with your customers

Networked Lab Resources

Use a single platform to process orders from physician or payers with flow through data directly into your lab system - fully HIPAA compliant.

Add locations

Integrate an unlimited number of locations to aggregate volume.

Uberize Lab Testing

Process orders nationwide and leverage 3rd party CAP accredited lab partners to complete large orders.

Reserve Resources

Offer clients with monthly volume commitments to have dedicated resources allocated to process orders in a timely way at the lowest prices.

Back Up & Overflow

Store all medical records / lab test results in our HIPAA compliant data center with 7 year storage for full compliance. 

Quickly Add Tests

In app purchasing of PCR, Chemistry, Immunoassay, Hematology, Mircobiology, Toxicology & Pharmacogenetics

Accelerate Lab Test and Process Automation

At Fastlabs Software, we understand the importance of efficiency and accuracy in medical testing labs. Our lab automation software is specifically designed to streamline lab test and process automation, eliminating manual tasks and reducing human error. 

advanced automation technology

Reducing Turnaround Time

optimizes workflows

more accurate test results

Efficient Delivery of Lab Test Results

At Fastlabs Software, we understand the importance of timely access to lab test results in the medical field. Our software is specifically engineered to ensure that test results are delivered directly to mobile phones as soon as they are available, enabling healthcare professionals to access critical information without any delays. Here's why our lab test result delivery feature stands out:

Real-Time Accessibility

Secure and Reliable

Enhanced Efficiency

Next Day In-app Delivery

Seamless Integration with Mobile Phones

Fastlab Software integrates with mobile networks to deliver test results in app next day with full HIPAA compliance.

receive test results conveniently on mobile devices

enabling faster decision-making and patient care

easy access to historical test data

improved data management and analysis.

Offer additional tests (cash-pay)